Asian girl hard caning

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Description: Asian girl hard caning
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MasterBelt - 1421 days ago
He should slap her hands very hard so she can take out the had out the cane session...stupid slut
alaskan - 1459 days ago
I wish this girl would have not kept reaching behind her and interfering with her punishment, that is not cool. You have asked / deserved this punishment so take it like a big girl.
kpopmusicrocks - 1895 days ago
This is so realistic... A Korean domestic punishment administered by a typical authoritative Korean mom... And the girl remains quiet and respectful and stays in position despite the pain because it seems she knows better than to defy and upset her mom during the punishment.

I'm secretly hoping this is not all an act...
toughlove0303 - 2042 days ago
Great video. She needs more training to stay in position. Hope you post the videos of those training sessions! ;)
kicker - 2283 days ago
I liked watching the red stripes appear!!
OTKISFUN - 2340 days ago
I love this spanking (:
su_27zhandouji - 2365 days ago
Can not be in China.
asshot - 2377 days ago
Did the cane do it's job or what ?
Tosh123 - 2411 days ago
Thank you so much for this brilliant near perfect clip. This looks so realistic and you can just imagine a teenage girl like this in Korea and other nations being caned severly like this an just know a girl like this with a strict mother would have had many beatings like this throughout her a life. It's a wonderful battle of wills as she bravely takes the strokes whilst quietly whimpering and tries a battle of wills with a mother who just yanks her hand away, holds her hand behind her back and will always win in the end until she's satisfied that she's had enough punishment and has learned not to defy the mother. I would rather not have the music though you can imagine a teenager's room would have music playing but that's a small criticism. This and the others from pw4090 of the caning on the legs and other Oriental punishment are brilliantand even if they presumably are acted out I have never seen anything so realistic and so perfect for purists who want all the spanking and none of the overt sexuality as the sensuality here comes from the joy an perfection of the scene.
hanxiao9455 - 2420 days ago
韩国的吧!Not chinese.
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