Babysitter Spanked

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Description: Francesca Le gets a good OTK spanking
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badlittleboy56 - 897 days ago
The babysitter looks like she is enjoying her spanking .The next time I would use a paddle on her naughty butt. Its looks pretty red and sore.
Secretspankings - 1506 days ago
Not sure which I prefer; spanked by blond or spanking the brunette. Coin toss
waynewayne - 1676 days ago
i had a baby sitter that did the same thing to both me and my sister but she used a paddle
repgram - 2013 days ago
Nise red well-spanked bottom
guyguy123 - 2085 days ago
Roastin butt cheeks :)
guyguy123 - 2147 days ago
guyguy123 - 2147 days ago
The girls tanned ass became even more tanner, BTW i would love to be the spankee, the girl being spanked.
guyguy123 - 2147 days ago
( part 3 of story, read three comments before to get the idea of the story.) She had a deep red color all over her butt and it felt crispy as i rubbed on it. I got the strap and trapped both of her legs between mine. CRACK, SMACK CRACK. I spanked her about 40 times with the strap. Now her whole butt was crispy and somespots were purple. We both stood up and i hugged her while she was crying. I told her that you've completed your spanking, she pulled her pants up and sat down. OUCH! she screamind. I told her all future punishments like this will repeat if nessesarry. She only got 3 spanking so far, ( all similar). Now shes 18, shes working over winter, christmas, spring, annd summer breaks. She wont quit becuase we pay her thirty five dollars an hour, for 7 hours. ( Yes were rich)
guyguy123 - 2147 days ago
(Continued from last, read the onebefore to get into the story) Here was the part she taught never would happen. I told her to stand up and pull down her panies. She started crying and pleading to not to. I did it anyways. I put her over my knee, and said if her legs or hand would move i would get the strap. I started spanking slowly and her hot pink bare butt. Each spank was briskly hard. She was groaning and maoning. At about the 50th spank, she started crying. I went on spanking her anyways. I could've basiccaly felt her pain because by now her whole butt, upper thighs were bright pink. I could tell she just wanted to die because i dont think she was ever spanked with her panties lowerd, escpeccially by someone whose not related to her. By around the 250th spank, her butt started to get swollen. I stopped, and told her to go et the ping pong ball paddle, she did what i had said, and i spanked her about 70 times with it. By now her but had somecripsy spots, and the whole thing was..
guyguy123 - 2147 days ago
i had a babysitter hired for my kids, and she had stole sixty dollars out of my wifes purrse and had left the kids alone for hours while she was dating. We sat down to talk and I told her we'd either call your parents and the police and you'd be fired, orI would give you a very hard long spanking. Shes 17 and looks like the girl in the video, she accepted the 2nd choise. I tolds her not to tell anyone about it, she said ok. She was wearing jeans, so i put her over my knee and started to spank her hard with my hand about 120 times on her jeans. My hand started to get num, so i told her to stand up and pull down her pants. She started groaning and screaming, but i told her if we didnt finish the punishment that i would go with the first choise. So she did. I could tell she was enberresed. She had a pretty thick pareof panties on, but i saw red on her upper thighs.I sstared spanking her, she was graoning and wiggling around. I spankied her briskly on the panties for about 200 times...
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